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Ceno Satellite

An excellent multi-purpose buffer plate for hardwood sanding, floor prep or to polish stone and concrete. The Ceno Satelite is a 16” plate with six 4” heads. You attach different discs for wood sanding, concrete grinding or scrapping a variety of surfaces. Dual direction orbital action, counter rotating heads, perfect for uneven floors.

Bona Multidisc System

An innovative six-disc drive plate that creates the perfect hardwood surface. The 5” discs spin independently of each other, all but eliminating swirls and scratch marks leaving the floor smooth and flat. The Bona Multidisc is perfect for patterned and dark stained floors and removing chatter marks.

Floor Prep Abrader

Designed to remove multiple coats of polyurethane, abrade epoxy, eliminate melted or gummed coating, remove deep scratches or embedded dirt prior to polishing. This abrader uses 25 grit diamonds bonded to a metallic backing and assembled to flexible steel spring blades. You can use wet or dry and replacement blades are available. Mounts to any standard floor buffer.

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Concrete Grinders & Dust Shrouds 

Dewalt 7” Angle Grinder.

The Dewalt Angle Grinder has a high power 4.9 HP motor with overload protection and 8,500 rpm for optimal material removal with 7" grinding wheels. Dust Ejection System™ prevents harmful dirt from entering the motor. This grinder features a system that automatically shuts the tool off to reduce kick-back when a wheel pinch is detected or when the brushes need to be changed to avoid tool damage.

Dewalt 7" Surface Grinding Dust Shroud.

This dust shroud fits the Dewalt 7” Angle Grinder with a universal twist and click connector. Features dust collection solution for flush edge and open area grinding.

Makita 7" Angle Grinder, with AC/DC Switch.

The Makita 7 in. Angle Grinder is built around a powerful 15 Amp motor that delivers up to 6,600 RPM for fast stock removal. The easy-to-use large trigger switch locks on for extended operation, and a large shaft lock permits easy wheel changes. The switch handle rotates 90 degrees left and right, while the side handle may be configured in any of 3 positions to promote user comfort and control.

Makita 7" Dust Extraction Surface Grinding Shroud.

This Makita Shroud fits Makita 7 in. grinders. It features a spring-loaded suspension system that keeps the shroud flush to the surface during movement and compensates for blade wear. The shroud has a removable edge piece for surface work flush to edges or other objects.

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Subfloor Nailers

Max PowerLite® High Pressure Concrete Pinner – Max HN120.

The MAX HN120 is a top of the line professional grade pneumatic concrete/steel pinner powered by MAX's 500 PSI Powerlite compressor. The HN120 can be used for pinning wood to concrete, wood to steel I-beams, drywall track to concrete and steel I-beams, plywood to concrete and concrete furring. This tool is faster and more efficient than powder actuated tools.

Aerosmith Surepin® CT90 Plywood to Steel / Concrete Nail Gun.

The Surepin gun is designed for construction fastening, industrial and specialty applications, siding, with materials such as plywood, OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and track to steel and concrete.

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