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Stair Parts

At Florida Hardwood Floor Supplies we offer one of the largest selections of hardwood and iron stair components in the market. The products we distribute exemplify the finest in craftsmanship and design expertise, allowing you to build a beautiful, unique and architecturally balanced staircase. Whether you are building a traditional or a contemporary staircase, we will gladly work with you to create the best staircase for your project. We represent the following lines:

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Design Ideas

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Standard Treads

Square Nose Tread

Return Treads

Floating Tread 

Loose Returns

Retro Tread

Starting Step


Stain Grade Box Newels

Primed Box Newels

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Iron Balusters


Wood Balusters

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Handrail Options

Plowed Handrail

Bending Handrail


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Cable Railing

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Stair Parts Terminology


The vertical posts which support the railing of the staircase. The term “balustrade” refers to the baluster and rail system.


Cove Molding

A decorative strip which attaches to the underside of the stair tread nosing, covering the joint between the tread and the riser.



Strips which fill the plow between balusters on plowed handrail and shoerail.



The stair parts used to forma smooth transition when the handrail changes height or direction. For example, to start a balustrade you may use a volute, turnout, starting easing; at a landing you may use a gooseneck.



The horizontal or rake member of a balustrade system. It sits on top of the balusters and is supported by newel posts.



The major support posts for the balustrade system. Larger and heavier than the balusters, newels are located at the bottom and top of a staircase and at turns and critical support areas of balcony rails.



The portion of a tread or landing tread which protrudes beyond the face of the riser.



The slope or angle of a staircase.



The vertical component of a stair which supports the treads.



A piece running along the floor which is plowed for the insertion of balusters and fillets.


Starting Step

The first tread and riser at the bottom of a staircase.



The horizontal portion of the staircase upon which you walk.

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