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Buffing Pads 

Norton's non-woven conditioning and buffing pads are designed for abrading between coats of finish.

Maroon Pads - Very Fine (16" Wide)

These ¼” thick pads are manufactured with the finest fibers, resins and abrasives. The unique design of this pad has a perforated 7” disc that is easily removed for use on an edger machine or simply as a hand pad. Use a marron conditioning pad in conjunction with aluminum oxide PSA Strip roll, applied in strips to the pad. This combination is especially effective on water-based finishes where screening takes away too much finish.

Red Buffer Pad (16" Wide)

Generally used where a high gloss finish is desired when dry or spray buffing.

White Super-Gloss Pad (16" Wide)

A non-abrasive polishing/buffing pad, used dry or with a fine mist to yield a mirror gloss shine.

Black Stripping Pad (16" Wide)

This black super stripping pad by Norton offers durability and consistency with its super abrasive fibers, perfect for aggressive surfaces. Using a spray, dampen the scrubbing pad for increased result from contact with the surface.

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